2022 JCQTA Presidents' Dinner and AGM

President's Report 2022

 23 of our 27 member associations join us and it is great to see familiar faces both here and online.

 2022 continued to provide challenges to our member associations. This year, delaying our AGM from February to May has enabled us to achieve something quite noteworthy.  JCQTA has been able to conduct its Presidents’ Dinners in “face-to-face mode” in 2020, 2021, and 2022.  An enviable record worth acknowledging but partially enabled through a bit of luck!   There is always a great ‘vibe’ at the Presidents’ Dinner because like-minded, generous people who volunteer to lead and represent their subject associations, come together to share experiences and to learn from each other in a true sense of collaboration. JCQTA continues to be an important distribution point for information impacting its members both on a state and a national level.


National representation - APTA


On a national level, representation on the Board of the Australian Professional Teacher Association (APTA) is one of JCQTA’s key activities because we represent Queensland in this national forum. APTA recently released its new Strategic Plan for 2022 -2024 and I urge you to read this in the APTA News in Brief which has been released this month and will be sent to you as part of the next JCQTA update.  The three pillars of its new strategic plan are Synergy, Advocacy, and Support. 


As part of its advocacy, APTA meets with representatives of the federal Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) to discuss national educational policy.  Covid responses consumed the October meeting, but the emerging teacher workforce shortage was also discussed. At the most recent meeting in March, the Report on the Quality Initial Teacher Education Review was a key point with APTA’s response focused on how it can support teacher associations to provide mentoring programs for new staff as well as professional development for out-of-field teachers. APTA is seeking more member information about these two areas. A survey will be circulated to you to gather data that we can feedback about what is currently being done in this space.


APTA raised the Acting Education Minister, Stuart Robert’s comments referring to “Dud teachers not being an issue in Australia’s independent schools” at the last meeting. It was pointed out to DESE that this sort of comment was damaging to all teachers. DESE acknowledged this and agreed to pass on APTA’s profound disappointment to the minister.


Another issue APTA discussed with the DESE was a need for a teacher association voice in the national architecture for schooling where decisions are made in five different bodies (AITSL, ACARA, AERO, ACEQA and ESA).  You’ll remember the abandonment of COAG and the success of the national cabinet to make decisions more quickly around the Covid response. Currently, there are no reform plans for the national education bodies, however, there is a focus on improving communication flows.  DESE agreed to feed the APTA position regarding teacher association voice back to the education ministers.


DESE wanted to hear about:


  • the Future Leaders Program (FLP)
  • teacher and school leader workforce particularly with respect to indigenous teachers and leaders, and
  • teacher workforce supply issues - APTA made the point that out-of-field teachers were often new to the profession, exacerbating early career exit issues.


On a local level, JCQTA has been active in several ways.


Teach Queensland Career Fairs in April and August


Engagement with preservice teachers continues to be a challenge for us as a peak body and is something that we need to think about more strategically as the Teach Queensland Career Fairs in April and August that we participated in with some of our member associations, was a costly option and not well supported.


Shared Storage Space


Our Shared Storage space at Kennards at Coorparoo is fully operational for storage of archival materials as well as other bulky items and four associations are sharing the space currently using 4/5 of the available space.




Governance training is something that we believe is very important for all our member associations. APTA regularly conducts training about governance. We will continue to participate in these sessions and publicise them to you so you can ensure members in your executive teams have access to governance training. We encourage you to take up these training opportunities.


QCT 50 Years Celebration


As your President, it was an honour to represent you at the Celebration of 50 Years of Qld College of Teachers in June 2021.


2021  Ros Korkatsis Forum 


Our annual Ros Korkatsis Forum was held in August, providing input for our members outside the ordinary business of a meeting. In 2021, Caroline Hollis gave us an update from the QCT and Jo-Anne Hine informed us of a new venture by the State Library, called, “Curriculum Connect”. We appreciated this input from these contributors.


It has been a challenging but rewarding year as your JCQTA President and I would like to move that the President’s Report be accepted.


Danielle Gordon


JCQTA President


2021 JCQTA Presidents’ Dinner and AGM

Our annual Presidents’ Dinner was held on 17th February 2021 at The Paddo Tavern.  This year, we also had our Annual General Meeting at the same time. Thank you for joining us online and face-to-face. It was a great night and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with as many of you as I could, I hope you enjoyed the collegiality. 

 It is great to work with so many passionate educators as we all deal with environments of shift and change. One of our Presidents' Dinner speaker, Associate Professor Jennifer Alford, asked me to share the following quote with you, and I think it will resonate with many of us: 

“Teachers understand curriculum work as a complex process involving prioritisation,
 translation, and transformation of knowledge into appropriate conditions for learning.
 It is about understanding curriculum work as a deeply creative and productive process
 that relies on confidence with and command of content; deep pedagogical expertise;
 and a good understanding of the learners in question. It is understanding teaching as
 scholarly work, as intellectual work, as knowledge work.”
 (Mockler, 2017, p. x) 

Mockler, N. (2017). Roll back curriculum constraints and give teachers freedom to make professional judgements. EduResearch Matters AARE. https://www.aare.edu.au/blog/?p=1984 

Our other guest speakers at the Presidents' Dinner were representatives from the Australian Road Safety Foundation who spoke about an excellent new resource:  RoadSet,  aimed at Year 9 students. This looks to be an exciting digital resource that teaches while it engages students effectively.

Opportunities for Associations:

Please send EOIs to enquiries@jcqta.qld.edu.au OR president@jcqta.qld.edu.au if you are interested in any of the following opportunities :

1) Teach QLD brochure - please let me know ASAP if your association would like to be interested in this opportunity, the more associations the less the cost, sign-on date is Friday 26 February - see more here

2)  JCQTA Storage - we have secured storage space, at Coorparoo.  Please let us know if you would like to make use of this space.  We encourage associations that have no storage currently to join us in this initiative.  Associations that already have storage space might like to think about joining us at the Coorparoo facility as we could get a larger space and reduce the costs you are paying currently.  In the meantime, costs will be approx. $240-$300 per year (each) if three or four associations join us.  Make contact and access details (entry codes and padlock codes) will be given.

3) President's report  

 4) “Getting Governance Right”
Target Audience: All board/committee members and executive officers of professional teacher associations.  Presenter: Dr Deb Hull - APTA Board Member, CPTAV President and Executive Office of History Teachers’ Association of Victoria.  Format: legal obligations, best practice principles for financial governance and how to get the most out of your meetings. 40min presentation, 20min Q&A

Tuesday 16th March - 6:30-7:30 pm QLD time   Brochure and registration link coming to ASAP.

As your team faces increasingly challenging issues within their role, our free workshop ”Counselling Skills for the Community Service Professional’ will provide them with specialist counselling and communication skills, helping add greater professional and personal rewards to their role. The 6-hour, comprehensive, online workshop is entirely free. It’s an opportunity to engage in 3 learning sessions, which include:

1. A Micro-Skills Refresher to review: attending behaviours; responding skills; reflection of feeling; reframing & challenging.

2. Common Traps and Temptations for professionals includes: giving advice; taking an expert position; judging the client; problem-solving; fact centred listening; inappropriate self-disclose.

3. Applying Counselling Skills in Challenging and Complex Areas which includes: situations of values conflict; requests to problem-solving; working with resistant clients, clients showing strong emotions and clients experience significate crisis.

PLEASE NOTE: All attendees receive a comprehensive workbook and readings, which includes a summary of all skills covered. 
This free workshop will be held online via Zoom on Friday 26th March from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm.

Places are limited so registration is on a “first in/first-served” basis. All community services professionals and their volunteers are invited to attend. Please share with your networks.

We are proud to provide this opportunity to our industry colleagues in support of the work they do. As a leader in Counselling education for 30 years, we look forward to sharing knowledge and skills that will support your team in positive, affirming ways.

Please check event details via this link and register your team now: Counselling Skills for the Community Service Professional 

Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors