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Responses & consultations  -  Responses & consultations 2004

October 2004 Boosting Innovation Science Technology and Mathematics Teaching Measures

September 2005 Blueprint for the Bush The Queensland Government and AgForce Queensland have established a unique partnership to develop the Blueprint for the Bush. The government and AgForce are seeking input from the general public in order to achieve a 10 year plan with specific strategies and outcomes aimed at supporting sustainable rural and regional communities. Submissions will be accepted until 14th October. More information is located at

June 2005 National Institute for Quality Teaching and School leadership

Guidelines for Quality Practicum

March 2005 Inquiry into Teacher Education by the House of Representatives  Standing Committee on Education and Vocational Training  -To inquire into and report on the scope, suitability, organisation, resourcing and delivery of teacher training courses in Australia’s public and private universities. - To examine the preparedness of graduates to meet the current and future demands of teaching in Australia’s schools. Web site

November 2004 Queensland Certificate of Education

Papers are on the web at

Science & Maths Consultation Paper