APTA Awards

APTA Awards

The Australian Professional Teachers’ Awards acknowledge the exemplary innovation and leadership carried out by individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the work undertaken by professional teaching associations.

To assist the APTA Awards Committee, we encourage state and territory joint council boards to nominate worthy educators to receive well deserved recognition for their outstanding service to professional teaching associations and the professional standing of teachers in Australia.  The APTAs are presented at the annual conference of the Australian Professional Teachers’ Association.

There are two award categories:

1. The Dororthy Hodinott Medal for outstanding lifetime leadership
2. Award for Meritorious Contribution to the Profession


The Dorothy Hoddinott Medal:
Associations are invited to nominate one individual from their state or territory.  One award will be conferred.

Awards for meritorious contribution to the profession:
Joint Councils are invited to nominate up to five individuals from their state or territory.  Seven awards will be conferred.

APTA Awards Information