What's APTA up to?

2022  Representation Through APTA


What's APTA Up To? - July 2022

What's APTA Up To? - September 2022

APTA Synergy

Working with members from various state councils to present webinars of interest to State councils and their members.  (See APTA support)

APTA Advocacy

Submission:  Response to Discussion Paper - Copyright

Meeting with the Productivity Commissioner 7 July 2022

Submission to the Productivity Commissioner July 2022

Meeting with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) 10 August 2022 

 Interim Report on the National School Reform Agreement 14 September 2022

APTA Support

Webinar:  Governance Training 1 June 2022
Webinar:  Pros & Cons & Management of Social Media 13 September 2022