Members of JCQTA are Incorporated teacher professional associations. Associations are invited to join JCQTA creating a network of educators from many disciplines and subject areas. National associations are welcome to join and we recommend that they join the State body where they are incorporated or are conveniently associated.


All JCQTA members are entitled to...

  • Join the email list for communication across associations; advertising events, sharing information and partnership requests;
  • Send a representative to monthly JCQTA Executive meetings;
  • Attend the annual association forum;
  • Take part in education authority consultations representing JCQTA and their association;
  • Access information and documents on the JCQTA website. 
  • Link to the JCQTA website and advertise events, seminars, and conferences

Intrinsic benefits

  • Be a member of a wider network of Professional Associations and benefit from sharing information, project ideas, and developing partnerships.
  • Keep up to date with the latest local, state, and national issues, funding, workshops, conferences, and projects.
  • Enhance the professional learning opportunities and networks of your association's members. 


How does it operate to assist Teachers?

The JCQTA conducts professional development for its member associations.  

The JCQTA , as an affiliate of the national body APTA - the Australian Professional Teachers’ Association, gives feedback on national issues such as the development of standards for advanced and primary teachers.

The JCQTA holds an annual dinner for Association Presidents and representatives and an annual forum to discuss issues of relevance to associations.

Teachers and others in the education sector often feel they have no voice in decision-making and are caught in a maelstrom of reforms and initiatives.  The JCQTA works to advocate for the classroom teacher and others working in school and educational settings by having representation on a range of Committees, and actively seeking communication with the decision-makers and the media.

Why should you be a member of a Professional Teacher Association?

As an individual if you are a member of a Professional Teacher Association you can receive and share information about teacher and teaching issues.

You generally receive discounted registration fees at conferences and workshops. You are kept up to date on local, state and national issues and can contribute feedback on how these issues affect you - you have a voice.  With membership of an association you have declared yourself as a professional.

Individuals are not members of JCQTA so you should take the step and elect to join one of the Associations listed on this flyer to have benefit of Professional Association membership.

Members of JCQTA